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Progressive Hoofcare Practitioners

Finding PHCP was a blessing!  When I decided to go into hoof care as a profession, I began looking at traditional farrier schools.  I was eager to begin my study, but not looking forward to wasting so much time dealing with shoes as this was not something I wanted to do.  I knew from the very beginning that I wanted to be a barefoot hoof trimmer and also continue learning all throughout my career.  PHCP is everything I was looking for.

So, what exactly is PHCP?

"Progressive Hoof Care Practitioners is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization whose mission is to provide a supportive network and educational foundation for hoof care professionals and horse owners based on a holistic and progressive approach to equine hoof care... Progressive Hoof Care Practitioners has developed a solid training program based on non invasive trimming methods and the latest research in hoof health. The PHCP Chat group provides a forum where students and practitioners can ask questions and share information on any topic pertaining to equine health and well being. Continuing education and professional growth is at the heart of the PHCP organization. Exploration of new ideas and approaches to holistic hoof care are strongly encouraged."

PHCP: About

PHCP has mentorships, clinics, and conferences that are all part of my education.  Here are some pictures from some of these educational trainings I have attended.

PHCP: Text
PHCP: Pro Gallery
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