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What I Provide

  • Holistic hoof care specific for your horse's needs.

  • Transitioning to barefoot, boot fitting, hoof armor, and casting.

  • Communication and regular appointments. You'll get an automated appointment reminder 48 hours before our appointment.

  • Thrush and white line treatments + some products that I recommend. 

  • Answering any questions you may have about your horse, hooves, diet, nutrition, etc. 

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What I Expect of Clients

  • Payment at time of service (Card, Cash, Check, Venmo)

  • Communication. Please let me know how your horse is doing after and in between trimmings.

  • Horse handler.  Please be present and focused while holding your horse.

  • Well-behaved horse.  I will work with a horse that needs some breaks and pauses, but I will not work with horses that do not stand or behave well due to safety reasons.  If the horse is difficult during a trim, there will be an extra fee.

  • Horse ready. Please get your horse prior to me showing up as this helps me to stay on schedule for other clients.  Cleaning out their hooves prior to me showing up is much appreciated.

  • Safe environment.  I have no problem working outside when weather permits.  When weather is not great, having some sort of shelter would be appreciated. Flat ground and good lighting is also important for me in order for me to do the best job possible. Please make sure that the area in which I will be trimming doesn't have hazards or anything around that might spook your horse while I am working on them.

  • Keep your appointments.  If you cannot make it to an appointment, let me know a minimum of 24 hours ahead of time.

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New Clients: About
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