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My Education

My education journey started a couple years back when I started asking my hoof care provider a bunch of questions regarding hoof care, nutrition, and anything else equine related I could think of so I could better take care of my own horse.  

Those conversations lead me to PHCP where I am continuing my education.  Through PHCP, I am also mentoring with several outstanding hoof care practitioners around the US and gleaning from their years of experience and knowledge.

Education is a lifelong journey.  I fully believe that in order to succeed in any career field, we need to continue learning.  So, that's exactly what I am doing!  


Completed Education

  • Amy Allen (PHCP) -- one day mentorship (WA). Jan 2022

  • Dani Parker -- three day mentorship (OR). Feb + Mar 2022

  • Christie Jonason (Rendezvous Ranch, WA) -- three day mentorship, anatomy, and dissection.  Mar 2022

  • Choosing and fitting hoof boots training.  Apr 2022

  • Glue On shoeing basics training. Apr 2022

  • Understanding and Reversing "Sinkers" and Hoof Capsule Rotation -- Pete Ramey, Apr 2022

  • Beginning Trimming, Anatomy and Dissection -- Philip Himanka, Apr 2022

  • Hoof Protection and Shoe Removal -- Philip Himanka, Apr 2022

  • Philip Himanka (PHCP) -- 2 day mentorship, April 2022

  • The Smart Way to Feed Horses Class -- Carol Layton, May 2022

  • Glue-on and Casting Hoof Protection clinic -- Philip Himanka, May 2022

  • Christiana Cline (PHCP) -- 2 day mentorship, June 2022

  • NRC Plus Equine Nutrition Course -- Dr Kellon, Aug 2022

  • PHCP Conference -- Oct 2022

In Progress Education

  • ​Reading and Understanding Radiographs Course -- Dr Kellon, Aug-Oct 2022

Future Education + Trainings

  • Principles of Donkey Hoof Care & Handling Course -- Holistic Hooves, Sep 2022