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About me

Who I am.

Hello, I'm Laura.  My husband and I share a deep love for animals, resulting in a lively and bustling household. Our residence is home to a horse, two dogs, a cat, a hedgehog, a lesser tenrec, and some fish, keeping us both entertained and constantly on the go.

How and why I got started in hoof care.

It all started with negative experiences involving various farriers. Realizing that there could be a better match for both me and my horse, I embarked on a search. My previous hoof care provider was open to answering my questions and educating me on comprehensive horse care.

The intrigue and deep dive into hoof care captivated me! This initial interest led me to delve into the study of equine hooves, nutrition, training, and more.

My excitement grew when I could apply my newfound knowledge to enhance the well-being of my own horse. This sparked a passion to contribute to horses feeling their best and educating fellow horse owners on hoof health.

Fast forward to the present, and here I am. Dedicated to bringing comfort to horses while encouraging and educating owners on optimal horse care—and thoroughly enjoying every moment of it!

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My approach

Good hoof care is essential for a healthy and sound horse.  There are many different approaches to hoof trimming.  My approach is specific for the needs of each individual horse.  This is to ensure that your horse is always comfortable after each trim.

I work with the horse and the owner to ensure that all parties involved are comfortable and feel safe with the trim and manner in which the horse is handled.

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