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About my approach

Good hoof care is essential for a healthy and sound horse.  There are many different approaches to hoof trimming.  My approach is conservative and specific for the needs of each individual horse.  This is to ensure that your horse is always comfortable and sound after each trim.

I work with the horse and the owner to ensure that all parties involved are comfortable and feel safe with the trim and manner in which the horse is handled.

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About me

Who I am + how and why I got started in hoof care

My name is Laura, and I am a minimalist and positive person, nature and animal lover, go getter, and over achiever.  I live in Oregon with my amazing husband and our animals: a horse, dog, cat, hedgehog, lesser tenrec, and fish.  I grew up all over the world, so I love to travel and see new things.  I love challenging myself and pushing myself to accomplish difficult tasks (including things I am afraid to do) and don't let anything or anyone stop me from accomplishing my goals and dreams in life.  One of those goals/dreams I have is to have a wonderful hoof care business where I can help and support others in learning more about their horses through hoof education, diet, and good old bonding time.  This is the story of how that goal/dream got started...

It all began with several bad experience with several farriers.  I figured there had to be a better fit out there for me and my horse.  Sure enough, I found a great hoof care practitioner who was more than willing to answer all my questions and help educate me on how to better care for my horse overall.  There had been so many things that I had been mislead to neglecting for years or frankly, never knew was important. 

The fascination and intense learning that entails hoof care sucked me in!  One thing led to another and pretty soon, I was studying many things relating to horses.  I could not get enough of learning and studying equine hooves, nutrition, training, etc.

I got even more excited when I was able to apply what I learned to my own horse.  This lead me to desiring to help other horse owners take even better care of their horses then they already do.

So, fast forward a couple years and here I am.  Still studying, still learning, still striving to help others take better care of their horses and cheering them on along the way.

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